Benefits of Catnip for Humans: Catnip is Definitely Not Just For Cats

I suppose everyone who is familiar with the Catnip plant knows how some cats, small or great, go absolutely nuts over it. However, Catnip isn’t only useful for your feline friends! I would like to point out several benefits of Catnip for humans. Though Catnip causes some cats to go biserk, Catnip actually is a… Read More »

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What is a Plantain Weed?

What is a plantain weed? You may well ask, what is a plantain weed? After all, how many people actually know what plantain weed looks like, or if it has any practical uses. Plantain IS considered a weed pest by many of the perfect lawn category. However, when Europeans came to settle in America, they… Read More »

Red Raspberry Leaves

Red Raspberry Leaves          Red raspberry leaves are a wonderful, multi-tasking, wild herb. Red raspberry leaves are: An excellent women’s herb An herb that balances hormones Tightens tissue Helpful in combating anemia A good emergency bleeding suppressant Good for relieving diarrhea   I’m pretty certain that every woman in the world would like to… Read More »