About Me

  •     Hi!  My name is Angela Griffin.  I want to startAbout Angela out by saying that I’m a believer in God, and know a few people first-hand who have had a miraculous healing.  I am also not a doctor, health practitioner, or an expert in any field of medicine whatsoever.  I’m just an average “Joe” who doesn’t like to visit the doctor’s office any more than is necessary.         My husband and I have two children, who I homeschool.  We have a “hobby” farm where we raise all of our own meat.  We have a few dairy cows and goats which I love to handmilk!  I make butter and yogurt; I have tried cheese, but haven’t been successful yet.  We also have poultry, pigs, and rabbits, guardian dogs and cats, and a donkey.   I love going out in the yard and woods to pick wild greens for a meal-absolutely free!  We also plant a vegetable and herb garden (fertilized with manure from our farm animals).                               Physical exercise is a part of every single day at our house.  My family enjoys hiking, biking, and swimming, and I also enjoy jogging.  We all get exercise working on the farm, too!      I am a regular customer at the local healthfood store, and enjoy learning about, and trying natural products.  I have first-hand experience with many natural health products, and also many home remedies.  I’m still learning and trying new things, so this website will be a work in progress.  I hope that I can help someone to find ways to feel better, be healthier, and also find excitement in learning about healthy options!