In my quest for finding and using primarily plant-based remedies and herbal supplements, there are quite a few products I can in good conscience recommend to others.
I have personally tried a number of products for various reasons.
I am like most people; I like to feel good, have energy, and be as mentally alert as possible. While I believe that many things contribute to the way a person feels, some herbal supplements can be of benefit to almost everyone. Also, some herbs can benefit those looking to boost specific areas of their health.
I want to be up front with anybody reading this page. I enjoy trying products to see if they will work for me, or do all they say they can do. That doesn’t mean that the product will work for anybody, or everybody else.
All people are individuals, and sometimes what works for me won’t work for you. That’s just how it is.
Just go into using herbal supplements, products, remedies, and fresh-picked herbs, with your eyes open.
1. I am not a doctor, healthcare professional or anything related.
2. If you are not sure about a product or suggestion on this site, by all means, check with a healthcare professional before trying.
3. Plants have been around a lot longer than doctor’s degrees, so have the people using them.
4. Let your own common sense guide you.
5. If you have tried a product and it made you sick, don’t recommend it to anybody else.(I certainly wouldn’t.)
6. Herbal remedies can be slow-acting, meaning it can take longer to see noticeable results. This isn’t always the case, as I have found out.
7. When you read anything on this site, be forewarned: I do not have experience with medications I so often hear people say they are taking. I cannot compare an herbal substance to a pharmaceutical drug, because I don’t have much experience with prescription drugs. You see, I hardly EVER visit the doctor’s office. If you need help with a comparison, there is only a handful of prescription medicines that I have ever taken. I don’t take any on a regular basis. The last one was two and a half years ago—a flu med.
8. There are many believers, nonbelievers, and doubters with regard to the herbal world. I like to try stuff for myself and see if it works for me.
9. I encourage independence of mind. That may not be popular in todays’ world, but I just don’t believe everything I read, on the side for, or against the herbal world.
10. I don’t believe in making false promises. I believe in telling my personal experiences and letting others decide for themselves. I invite you to learn and decide for your own self.
If you have any questions, you can email me at Angela@  Thank you so much for taking your time to read!