Wild Weeds

When you look out in the yard, you may see a weed patch and say, “My yard looks terrible!” Don’t see it that way! See it as, “My yard is full of wild food, free salad greens, and free medicine!”
Don’t get me wrong. Some weeds are not edible, but so many that tend to dominate yards are not only edible, they are highly nutritious.
I am going to be sharing information about many wild, wonderful weeds that:
1. Are edible
2. Make good herbal remedies
3. Detoxify
When looking for these wild weeds, look around steps, porches, fences rows, hedges, your home and any outbuildings. The woods are also home to a number of wild herbs. There are also many first-rate herbal weeds that thrive in dry, hard-packed waste areas, deserted fields, and roadsides.
(Note: Make sure if you gather weeds off roadsides, that it’s not an area that gets sprayed with chemicals. Also, make sure you get property owners’ permission if you gather weeds off property that belongs to someone else.)
Some great aspects of harvesting wild herbs is that they don’t need planting. Weeds grow where they will be healthy naturally, with no effort from you! They don’t NEED anything, except for some enterprising person to use them as they were meant to be used.
So before you get out the weed killers, call the landscaping company, or get out the weed-eater for another dreaded session, think about the weeds as beneficial money-savers.
If at any time you have questions, or would like to know about a wild weed in particular, just let me know by email at Angela@herbalpanther.com. I will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you and please check back, as more information will be added over time. I will be adding information about specific weeds and their distinct uses.